Games and Sports Committee

S.N. Photo Name of the teacher Designation
1. Dr. U.A. Hire Dr. U.A. Hire Coordinator
2. Dr. C.N. Hanwante Dr. C.N. Hanwante Member
3. Dr. Mrs. V.N. Kayande Dr. Mrs. V.N. Kayande Member
4. Shri V.P. Wankhede Shri V.P. Wankhede Member


  • To motivate students for participation in games and sports.
  • To maintain the courts prepared for various sports.
  • To supervise daily practice sessions.
  • To select students and make arrangements for their participation in inter-collegiate tournaments.
  • To organize annuals games and sports competition in the college.

Sports Day

Sports Day

Annual Report:

Games & Sports Annual Report 2019-20