Faculty Coordinators

  1. Humanities - Dr. D.N. Morande
  2. Commerce – Dr. V.A. Bankar
  3. Post-Graduation - Dr. A.T. Shende

Duties of the faculty coordinators:

  • To ensure that the classes are held regularly and make necessary adjustments if teacher is on leave.
  • To maintain discipline in the college premises while the classes are in progress
  • To attend to the timely submission of various documents/forms (Scholarship, Examination, Assignments) of the students of their respective faculties as required by authorities.
  • To conduct regular meetings of the respective faculty members for discussing and evolving strategies for qualitative transaction of teaching and learning.
  • To ensure formation of subject clubs and to provide motivation for organizing various co-curricular/extra-curricular activities like student seminars/workshops/group discussions etc.
  • To provide written feed back to the Principal at the end of each month.
  • Maintaining necessary documentation.