S.N. Name of the teacher Title Year Amount Status
1. Dr. A. N. Salotkar A Sociological Analysis of Socio-Economic Condition of Madia Gond 2006 28000 Completed
2. Dr. R. R. Band Mahatma Jyotiba Fules Contributioni in Education and Empowerment of Women 2006 45000 Completed
3. Dr. R. R. Randive A Geographical Study of Rural Settlement in the Nagbhid Taluka of Chandrapur District 2010 30000 Completed
4. Dr. C. N. Hanwante Evalution of School Libraries in the Bramhapuri Sub Division 2009 45000 Completed
5. V. N. Sontakke Socio Economic Study of BPL Families in Chandrapur District 2013 105000 Completed
6. Dr. A. R. Bahadure Role of Women in Panchayat Raj-A Study With reference to Chandrapur District 2013 70000 Completed
7. Dr. D. N. Morande Historical Perspective in Amitav Ghosh's Novels 2013 50000 Completed
8. Dr. N. U. Mishra Portrayal of Women Characters in the novels of Bapsi Sidhwa and Rohonton 2013 70000 Completed
9. A. T. Shende Dr. Bhashkar Laxman Bhole yanche vaicharik sahitya: Ak Chikitsak Abhyas 2015 300000 Proposal Submitted